Sunday, May 27, 2012


I think I have officially lost my mind. Why? Because I have taken up running. Like seriously running. I ran a 5k a few weeks with friends and am running another tonight. I have signed up for about one 5k a month. My goal is a 10k in Novemeber.  Yes. I have totally lost my ever loving mind! But, I like having goals. I like having something to work towards. Goals are good. Right? Who would of thought that this would even be a possibility? Three years ago today I was right in the middle of doing my 3rd round of biochemo. Tonight I am getting ready to run another 5k. Wow has my life changed!

One of my best friends and I after the Girls On The Run 5k.

My friend Lisa and I post run. She did awesome! She placed 2nd in her age group! I finished. And thats all that matters! Hahaha!