Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little bit of this and that...

*Sorry I havent updated. All is good. I tend to update a lot on Facebook! Not so much on here! My bad!
*We are all doing great. Geebers turned 4 1 month ago yesterday. She is growing up so fast! She is a pretty amazing little girl!
*K-man is rocking it in Kindergarten! He's not a huge fan of the whole getting up early to head to school, but other than that he is having a grand ole' time!
*The husband continues to be employed so that is a bonus!
*I started working at the preschool that K-man attended last year. I am the assistant on Wednesday and Friday mornings in the 4 & 5 year old class and I love it!
*On Thursday mornings I volunteer in both of the kiddos classrooms. Its nice to get in there and see what they are learning about and how they do in the social setting.
*My kids are complete opposites! K-man is the quiet,shy one. He knows the answers but rarely volunteers them.
*Geebers is the more outgoing one. Even if she DOESNT know the answer she going to volunteer one anyway:) She is also quite helpful in the classroom. She is the little mommy. Sometimes that good. Sometimes not so much, but its who she is and I love her for it!
*I am in the process of switching my care a little closer to home. I am really sad about this, but the truth is traveling to Nashville is killing us financially. Each trip cost around $600-$700 once u figure in flight, rental car, hotel room, and food. Even going every few months is costly for us.
*I meet with KU Med Cancer Center next week. I am glad I am meeting with them before my next trip to Vanderbilt. It gives me time to weigh my options. If I dont feel comfortable transferring my care then I will stay with Vanderbilt.
*I have started cooking for my family lately a lot. Ive never been someone that enjoys cooking so this is a whole new thing for me but I am throughly enjoying it! You would think I would be gaining a ton of weight!
*K-man has been playing basketball on Saturday mornings. Daddy is his coach. Its rather entertaining to watch Kindergarteners play basketball. Not judging...just sayin...
*Last weekend after his game I fell on the cement and sprained my hand. It was awful. I was holding Geebers at the time and she went flying out of my arms and hit her head on the cement. Luckily one of my friends was near by and saw Ella crying so she came to help. Oy! What a weekend!
*For Valentine's Day I am making the kids heart shaped cinnamon rolls, heart shaped sandwiches for lunch, heart shaped pizza for dinner, and pb kisses with heart shaped chocolate in the middle. Im sort of excited :)

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  1. What a great up-date! So, so happy to hear all is well. Prayers do work! :)