Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Something I have always struggled with is my energy. I just dont have nearly enough! And I hate it. Usually by 1pm I am exhausted. Of course napping isnt usually an option. And honestly even if it was, I wouldnt be able to sleep. I still suffer from lots of leg pain. Pain meds work well, however, I wont take them during the day because I have kids to take care and places to drive. It just isnt an option. So, I started looking at other alternatives. Honestly, things like Energy drinks were out of the question for me. For one, they are expensive. For another, I drink 2 Diet Pepsis a day, I didnt really want to add to my caffeine intake. I just simply wanted more energy!

One of my friends suggested checking out the different Nutritional shakes out there. After some research, I made my choice! Body By Vi was the one for me! Body by Vi is primarily used for Weight Loss, however, I am using it as more of a balanced nutrional shake. It is packed full of vitamins and it seriously tastes delicious! There are so many recipes out there that I was a little overwhelmed to be quite honest with you! My favorite is called the "Butterfinger Shake" I love Butterfingers and this shake seriously tastes like a Butterfinger!

The best part is that it has really helped with my energy level. I just have a shake for breakfast, then I eat my normal lunch around 1230. I love that I typically have enough energy to last me until the evening! That, my friends, has been a welcome change!

Body By Vi has kits to fit every budget. I am on the least expensive kit because I am only doing one shake a day. However, my husband would like to start the shakes soon so I will probably have to go to the $99 kit soon. Oh the things I do for my husband! LOL!

And no, I am not a distributor or a saleswoman or whatever for the product. I am really just a customer who is really thrilled with the results!

If you ARE looking for a great product for weight loss, I have several friends who are using this product for weight loss. One friend has gone down 2 pants sizes in 2.5 weeks, another has lost 5 lbs in a week! This product works people! And it tastes delicious to boot!

I would love for u all to gain some energy and transform your life with Body By Vi! If you would like more info let me know! If you would like to begin your transformation, just go to my website, heathersnyder.bodybyvi.com and click "Join the Challenge"! I cant wait to hear how this product changes your life!

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