Friday, January 6, 2012

I Can Breathe

After losing my mind with worry about not having insurance and my husband not having a job, God was just toying with us. Silly man! A few days before Christmas we heard word that the Ethanol plant my husband works at was going to keep on a skeleton crew. Their intention is to reopen the plant back up in about 5-6 months. My husband is one of the employees that they are keeping on. So, for now, he does indeed have a job and I do indeed, have insurance!

Of course, we are not viewing this as a permanent fix. In my mind, I'm not sure how it can be. Especially if Mother Nature decides to have another drought this summer. No rain? No corn. No Corn? No ethanol.

But, for the time being it is all good. Thank you all for your prayers. They truly do work!! God is pretty amazing!