Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drug Update

Its been awhile since I've updated! Sorry! I am doing great. We found out that that I will be able to get my chemo drugs mailed to me thru my Insurances speciality pharmacy. Since the drug I am on was FDA approved in August, I am actually able to transfer my care back to KS if I want to. I chose not to do that. I would rather keep my care at Vanderbilt for now. I really like my Dr and I feel like if the cancer decides to return, I will definitely be able to receive better care at Vanderbilt then I will be able to loccally. There are just more options available at Vanderbilt.

So, this week I am returning to Vanderbilt. I will opt out of my trial and set up a new travel schedule with my Dr. I know that he will be ok with me returning every 3 months. So for now, that is what I am shooting for. He would actually probably be ok with me coming back every 4 months, but thats a little nerve wracking for me.

Sometimes I truly cant believe how long I have been on this drug. With ZERO reoccurance! It is absolutely amazing! December 20th will be 20 MONTHS!! 20 months I have been on this amazing, life changing drug! The average is SIX months! I am truly in awe!

As we discovered this drug is NOT cheap! A three month supply, without insurance would of cost me $24,000!! Holy smokes! Luckily, we are blessed and have great insurance so I only pay a very small portion of that. I could of stayed in the trial and continued to receive my drugs for free, but since I will get to space out my trips a little more, this will actually end up saving us more money. And I am all for saving money! It will also allow me to spend more time with my beautiful family. And I am also all for that:)

Thank you all for your prayeres. My life is good. I am blessed.


  1. You and your family are amazing. Keep up the fight and know that you are in our prayers. I was blessed enough to work with your hubby a long time ago and he was kind enough to share your blogspot addy. Tell him the microscope guy says hello. Stay tough, what a beautiful blog.

  2. What blessed news! Happy holidays to you and your family. We'll keep the prayers going!

  3. Prayers being said! Travel safely and know that our precious Lord is holding you and your family in His Hands! When you get back continue to Enjoy your Christmas season to the fullest! Love, t