Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vanderbilt Update

Last week I made a visit to my local oncologist. Nothing to worry about. Just my yearly appointment to keep a local Dr is I should happen to need him. I did ask him to write me a prescription for Ibuprofren thinking it would be cheaper. He freaked out a little when I told him I was taking 800 mg of Ibuprofren twice a day to keep the lumps under control. He ordered a basic panel which looks at my kidney function, among other things. Little does he know I have been taking that much Ibuprofren for the last 16 months. Well, actually he does know. I told him. But whatever.

For some reason, within a few days of switching from the store bought Ibuprofren to the prescription my inflammation lumps went CRAZY! Not.Even.Kidding! I was covered in them on my arms, waist, butt, and thighs. And they hurt. Soooo bad. Luckily they only hurt for a about 4 days then they start to go away. Obviously I switched back to the store bought ibuprofren and so far so good. So weird!

Today I had my appts at Vanderbilt. My labs looked great. For some reason my CT scans werent on the computer yet. I guess there's nothing to worry about. They gave me more pills:) Appt with the derm went great also.

I did meet with my trial coordinator and she dropped a bit of a bomb. Apparently I am the only left on this trial. Anywhere in the US. Isnt that crazy!! Since I am the only one left the trial hosts are considering closing this trial. There are some positives and some negatives with this.

The positives...It would allow me to space out my visits a little bit more and be a little more flexible. I could continue to get my drugs for free.

The negatives....I would have to pay for my drugs. Change. I hate change.

Vanderbilt and the trial host are still discussing what the plan is. I hope to know more next month, but I will definitely know more by the time I return in December.

But, over all a good appt. Meds continue and I am grateful:) Keep praying people! Its working!