Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm THAT Mom!

When I was first diagnosed one of my fears was missing everything. All the firsts that my kids would get to do. First day of school was foremost on my mind. I was so, so scared that I would not get to see Kyler and Ella go to Kindergarten.

When I was originally diagnosed over 3 years ago, I remember crying a river in the shower about missing Kyler's first day of Kindergarten. It hurt so bad so think about not getting to see him off.

My Dr was so grim about my prognosis that I truly believed I would be gone in less than a year. What a scary, scary thought for a 30 year old mother of two young children. I cant lie, I am still scared. But, I know the power of prayer. I am living proof of the power of prayer!!

I think that's why, when on Friday, I was THE mom that brought in 10 extra boxes of Kleenexs for K-mans class, a couple tubs of wipes, and some snacks I smiled when another mom said, Oh yeah, you are totally THAT MOM:)  Yes, yes I am. So, thank you Friend, you secretly made my day:)


  1. I believe in the power of prayer too (because we pray for you often) & I am so glad that I can call you THAT mom! Love it! Thanks for sharing!!! Maybe someday I can grow up to be just like you! ;-)

  2. You've been in the classroom so you know how valuable those resources are! And being able to do it is even more precious, enjoy every first & then some!! God bless you always!!

  3. Heather, as I continue to lift you in my prayers, I too personally how very important prayer is in every situation in each of our lives! I will never ever quit praying for you and your whole family! Enjoy each and everyday and know in your heart that are many people lifting you in their prayers too!

  4. I discovered your blog after seeing you on cakerwakers.... I am so sorry and so proud of your fight with MELANOMA,,,, May God give you the strength to fight this, peace to be alive, wisdom for your children and bravery.... I take my hat off to you... God bless you and give you health, happiness and prosperity my dear.
    May (mom to 3 in MA)