Friday, August 26, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Next week I head to Nashville. This time I am actually flying out of our local airport rather than driving a total of 6.5 hours to KC where the flights are cheaper. From the beginning I said if flying out of KC doesnt save me at least $100, then I'm not doing it! This time it didnt, which I have mixed feelings about. Saving money is good. Driving 6 hours sucks though!

I have been way more anxious about this Dr's visit. Honestly I dont stress out anymore about CT scans. I know this medicine was MADE for me. I knew that at the beginning of this trial. When things kept falling in to place, I just felt it in my gut that this was going to work. And u know how I am about the whole "follow your gut" thing:)

However, last Friday I discovered a lump in the lymph node behind my ear. MAJOR PANIC MODE!! However, I called my derm and the squeezed me in (he loves me:) and he really felt that it was just sinus drainage. And honestly, he's never been wrong when it comes to me. But, as the week went on and the lump didnt go away I got more nervous, so I made an appt with my family physican. Now, I dont put as much stock in him, but he gets me in right away, he's close, and he gives me meds, so I went. He also felt like it was a sinus issue so he put me on an antibiotic. So far, the lump hasnt shrunk much, but I have lots of fluid draining out of my ears. Its fabulous! Right now I am just praying that it really is a sinus issue.

Right now I am covered in my fabulous lympoma lumps, which would certainly indicate that my immune system is working in overdrive. Or isnt working. It will be interesting to see what my white count is.

So, not only am I dealing with the stress of, well cancer, I am also stressing out about my little man. He is doing fabulous at school. I truly could not be happier. He has been blessed with an amazing teacher who I feel truly loves and cares about him (and probably all the other students!). But, next week since I will be in Nashville Grandpa will have to take him to school and pick him up. I dont WANT to miss out on pick ups:( I want to see him as soon as he gets out of school. I love to see his face when he walks out of the building. So, that has been rather difficult on me. I also have lots of anxiety about how he will do while I am gone. His teacher knows that I will be gone so she is prepared for that. I also let the secretary and his speech path know. Hopefully that means that his speech path will be a little more considerate when it comes to how hard she is pushing him. We shall see.

I just hate that I have to leave right now. I know Geebers will do fine. She's pretty adaptable. K-man? Ummm, not so much. But, such is life.

It could always be worse. Right now I am grateful for people that love us and are willing to change plans to help out our family. I am grateful for a wonderful teacher who gets that Kman may be a little emotional next week. And I am grateful for wonderful cancer drugs who have given me so much!

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  1. ...and we know how grateful your family is FOR YOU!!! Prayers will always continue for you to continue to stay well.