Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today was the day! I sent my little man off to the big ole Grade School building. Honestly the morning was a bit of a blur. Geebers has to be dropped off by 8 and K Man has to be dropped off by 805. It is physically impossible (unless I orbe!) to get from one school to the otherr in 5 minutes. But, a friend gave me some different route ideas so I am going to give those a shot tomorrow!

Honestly, both kids have done great with dropping off. They are so excited to be at school that they barely notice when I leave. Sigh.... But, I am happy for them. Possibly a bit sad for me, but whatev!

I do believe the absolute best part of my day is when I pick them up. I get the BIGGEST smiles and the BIGGEST hugs of all time!! Its like I've been gone forever! Its fabulous! Geebers cant wait to tell me what she did and how she helped the little girl with the "broken leg" (she has a girl in the class with leg braces, and if you know Geebers, I can guarantee you she is the first one to help the little girl with EVERYTHING!) That's just who she is. She has one of the kindest little hearts. Man, I love her!

Today was K-mans first day so I couldnt get to much out of him. But I had to go inside the building (you are supposed to wait outside for them) to talk to another teacher and when I slipped out of the room and his class was coming down the hall. He happened to see me and he was sooooo excited that he ran down the hall and LEAPED in to my arms. I looked at the teacher to tell her sorry, but I could tell she understood. And there was no way I putting that little guy down!! I needed his hug just as bad as he needed mine!!

Even though today was rough and I missed my babies terribly, it is truly a great feeling to be able to witness this. Two years ago none of us thought this day would happen. During biochemo none of us thought I would pull through. My mom just confessed this weekend that they truly thought they were going to lose me during biochemo. This chemo has brought me back. It has saved my life. Noone knows how long this medicine will continue to work. But, I am truly thankful for

And I am especially thankful for this week. Because I got to see my 3 year old Princess attend preschool for the very first time and I got to see my super hero loving little big man attend Kindergarten for the first time. In a few years, I will forget about the rushing around and the waking up early. I will forever remember walking both my children in to their classrooms for the very first time. And I will always remember the hugs and kisses that I got when I picked them up.

That is what I will savor.

That is what I will remember.

The dropping off and the picking up.


  1. Amen <3 I'm so glad that you are here for these moments sweetie. I agree that the best part of the day is picking them up and seeing them get excited to see you! It almost makes the last 7 hours seem bearable without them! :) You are AMAZINGLY strong and so blessed to have such an amazing family to pull you through. YOU ROCK!

  2. What a beautiful post! Our love and prayers go out to you everyday!!!:)

  3. Beautiful. Gave me chills.... Those babies are as lucky to have you as you are to have them.

    (I wrote about you today. You continue to inspire me!)

  4. Yeah!!! Such a blessing for you ALL!!