Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Growing Up So Fast!

Today my beautiful 3 year old Princess started Preschool. She is one of the role model students at one of the Elementary schools in our town. She will attend preschool in the mornings Tuesday thru Friday. I know it is a fabulous program and I know she will be great, but I'll be honest, I teared up all morning long! She is growing up so fast! She is such an amazing little person. I truly feel blessed to be her mommy.

As you know, I was diagnosed the day she turned 6 months old. At that time I truly thought I wouldnt get to see my baby girl go to school. I remember crying and crying every time I took a shower because I truly thought I would be gone by now.

My little big man starts Kindergarten tomorrow. Its a big day. He is so ready. I, however, have teared up every time I think about him being away from me all day long. The last two nights we have The Kissing Hand and every time I have cried. Geez! I cant do that! When I cry my kids get scared. We've been thru so much that to them tears mean bad news. Therefore, I rarely cry in front of them. I save that for the shower!

I still remember the day I was diagnosed. I still remember the day I met with my oncologist. I remember him telling me I need to get my things in order because my life expectancy is about 6 months-1 year. Clearly he didnt know me! Because 6 months didnt exactly fit in to my schedule! But, as a new "diagnosee" I listened to my Dr. I truly thought my time was going to be that short. I was so scared I wouldnt get to see K go to school. I was so scared I would never get to see my Princess grow up. But, you know what, I am getting to see those things! I am getting to be a mom! Yes, I have bad days, who doesn't? But, I dont take any of my days with my kids for granted. I love being with them. I love loving them. I love holding them. I love being their mommy!

So, wish me luck tomorrow as I send my baby boy off to his first day of Kindergarten and my baby girl off to her second day of Preschool.


  1. We do serve the most Amazing, AWESOME LORD! As you continue your journey, know beyond all doubt that there are many, many people praying for you! That the research that is being done because of our prayers will unearth much more than most of us can even realize. I know that enjoying each and everyday and not taking any of them for granted is the way we each are called to live! I too am striving to do that in my life! Once, again, Keep on Keepin on and know that you are loved and our precious Lord is working all around each of us everyday!

  2. Hope he had a great first day!!!!