Friday, July 8, 2011

3 Years? Really?

3 years ago today my life changed forever. Nothing has been the same since my dermatologist told me, "You have Melanoma." At that time I had no idea what that really meant or the seriousness of it. I knew he wasnt kidding, and I knew from the look on his face that it was serious, but I truly had no idea how different my life was going to be. And I guarantee my husband didnt! Considering his response on the phone was, well ok then. Gee, thanks dear!

The last three years have been rough. Really rough. My body has been through more than most 33 years olds will go through in their  lifetime. I have been on 7 different chemo drugs, and honestly only one (the one I am currently on) has truly worked. And it has worked wonders!!

Studies have shown that eventually my melanoma will find a new pathway around the Braf gene. Currently, what the drug I am on has done, is turn off that Braf gene, therefore in a sense, the Melanoma cant spread because it figure a way around the gene. Lucky for me, I have really stupid cancer:) It cant figure out how to get around it, I like stupid cancer. No, scratch that, I LOVE that I have stupid cancer:)

One thing I do know, is that my time is probably running out (on this drug that is!). Soon my melanoma will get around it. We knew when I started this trial that this wasnt a permanent fix. Just temporary. Well my temporary has turned in to 15 MONTHS!! Awesome right?! But, this does beg the question, what will we do next. Where will we go from here. And, I'll be honest, I dont really know. Dont get me wrong, there are lots of trials and lots of new drugs to try. But, I think a part of me will be extremely upset and hurt when this medicine stops working. This medicine and I have a bond! It hasnt ever failed me, I would really rather it didnt start now!!

The good news is, as far as I know (I dont have my recent scan results yet), this medicine continues to work, and I continue to kick cancer's ass!! If you know me, then you know very well, that I will NEVER, EVER stop fighting. I have way to much to live for. I really, truly do, and that is why God is watching over me. That is why He continues to help me win this battle!


  1. Amen! Oh, I have prayed for you so much and lathered on more sunscreen since "meeting" you on here.

  2. That is just awesome! I really hope that you can find another drug that works this well when you have to stop taking this one.