Monday, June 6, 2011


When I first started to blog, way, way back when, I used my blog as a journal. I chronicled our life. Everything. I did not have cancer at that time, so it was all about the fun stuff. Which was actually pretty nice. A journal is a good thing to have. I just need to remember to write in it! A few things have happened since I last posted. I did finally get the results from my last scan. They were fine. What really worries me is being able to tell the difference before the fatty lumps and new cancer. So far I havent noticed anything other than the fatty lumps, which is good:) I have felt pretty good. Tired, but that's pretty normal anymore!

This sun has been fierce here in KS. We just skipped right over Spring and now its in the 100s and the sun is a killer! Even with 110 SPF on I can feel the sun just burning the heck out of me! Grrrr! But, the meds are working, so I will deal with it. My husband got me some awesome spf shirts to wear and I absolutely love them! I only have two though, so I need to get some more! They have been lifesavers! While the kids are outside in the pool  wear one of those to protect my shoulders, a big ole hat, sunglasses, and lots of sunscreen. So far I have only burned a few times. Its really a matter of trial and error, how often do I need to reapply. For normal people every hour or two is adequate, for me, its more like every 30 minutes!! Ugh!

But, oh well!

I hope everyone is practicing sun safety and wearing that sunscreen!!


  1. Just wanted to let you know I am still praying for you and your family! I am so happy to hear things are going well!! Have a great summer!!

    Austin, Tx who also has a awesome son named Kyler :)

  2. So blessed by your update, in regards to your results! Giving Him all the praise and glory as He continues to work His power through your treatment! Knowing that you are enjoying each and everyday with K and E! Continuing to keep all of you in my prayers! Love, t