Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bracelet Fundraiser

In case you didnt know, I truly have some amazing friends. Really, I do! One of my good friends volunteered to host a fundraiser for us to help with medical expenses.] You have no idea how much it costs to travel back and forth to Nashville every month. I am so glad that I only have to go every other month from here on out. At least until the cancer returns (which better be a long, long time from now!)

So, in order to help out, we are selling black silicone cancer bracelets. The bracelets will say "Keep Fighting Heather" followed by a cancer ribbon. The bracelets will be $5 a piece, plus shipping (not sure what that will be!). If you would like to show your support by ordering one (or more!) you can either leave me a comment or email me at dolfinlvr101 (@) yahoo (.) com.

We will also be having a fundraiser the evening of Tuesday, June 21st, at Cherry Berry here in our town. They are donating 10% of their proceeds earned that evening from 4pm to close, so if you are local, mark your calendar and come on down!! We will also have the bracelets there to purchase and a few of the pink cancer shirts from last year.

If you would like to purchase the bracelets (or shirts) you can pay via paypal using the link on the right hand side or you can mail me a check. However, I dont feel comfortable putting my address for the world to see, so you will have to send me an email and I will send you an address to mail the check to.

Thank you all for your support the last few years!!

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