Friday, May 6, 2011

2 in School!

For the last few weeks I have been on the fence as to whether or not to enroll E in a Mother's Day Out program. The program is not at our church, but at a Methodist church in a neighboring town. It has received great reviews and they incorporate lots of educational activities into their program, which I loved, of course!

And after talking with several parents whose kids attend the program I was sold. I knew we needed to do it. Of course, I was still worried about leaving her for a whole day, but I also knew it would be good for both of us. E and I are rarely apart. Like ever! But, I did it. I went ahead and got a tour of the classrooms and enrolled her in the program for next year.

After that we went to the Mother's Day Tea at K's preschool and decided to have a picnic lunch at the park and play for a bit.

After an hour or so we came home for Learning Time and had a message on the machine.

A few months ago I enrolled E in the Role Model program through our local school district. The role model program is a prek program that is offered in our school district for kiddos that are 3-5. The class is made up of a few kids that are considered the role models and other kids who have some sort of disability (speech, learning, physical, etc). When E was evaluated all the examiners agreed that she would be a FABULOUS role model. If you know E then you would certainly agree. She is seriously one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet. She has the kindest heart and she is super smart to boot!

However, getting in to the role model is not easy. It's honestly all about who you know. We dont know enough people to get her in to the program :( So I didnt think it would happen. But, guess what! It DID! She got in! On the exact same day that I enrolled her in the Mom's Day Out program. Sigh...Luckily I did not pay anything for the MDO program so we arent out any money or anything. I just feel bad that I am going to have to call and "unenroll" her from the program now!

The dilema for next year will be that E will be at one Elementary school and K will be at another. With start times 5 minutes apart. That could be an issue! However, K's Elemetnary School does have the Early Childhood program so with a little luck and a little prayer an opening will come up at K's school before next year and E can go there. That would be PERFECT!! Both kiddos would be at the same school. K would attend Kindergarten all day and E would go for a little less than half day 4 days a week.

Honestly, the program is wonderful. I really wish K would of qualifed. He would of really benefitted from the academic side of the program. But, here are my concerns, first and foremost, is the fact that E will be away from me for 4 days a week. I dont like that. I want her with me always! But, I do realize that this will be good for her and for other kids, because let's face it, she's a pretty awesome little girl:) Second, how in the world will I get one kid to school by 8 and the other by 8:05?? That one will require a plan! Third, there goes my dream of homeschooling E for prek. I am really, really sad about this. I was really looking forward to this. She has such a strong desire to learn that I know homeschooling will be so much fun with her! However, once you get accepted in to this program you dont turn it down. Many people would love to have this opportunity, so of course we are going for it. I will suck it up and get over my fear of leaving her and some how we will figure out the drop off times. Where there is a will there's a way, right?!

Moral of the story babies are growing up and I am so sad!!

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  1. Laney is going 4 days a week too. Two to the preschool in VC that Lucy attended, and 2 as a role model at the ECC in Maize. I experienced lots of mommy guilt at first but the more I thought about it the more excited I was. Plus Laney misses Lucy terribly now when she is gone in the AM so this will help since Luc will be gone all day! We can commiserate together!