Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today I had an appt with my Oncologist and Dermatologist in Nashville. My appts both went very well. I have actually missed seeing my oncologist. I havent seen him in like 4 months! So, it was nice to finally touch base with him. He also agreed that me coming to Nashville every month and only seeing him every other month was just plain silly. So, with any luck and many prayers, those folks in charge of the trial will actually listen to my Oncologist and agree to me only coming every other month and just getting everything done at once. As my Dr pointed out, I really am the star of this trial, at some point they should cater just a bit to what is convenient and affordable for me! I'll keep you updated!

I also had my 3 month appt with my Dermatolgoist. Unforunately my derm is not in the office on Wednesdays so I met with another derm, whom I really liked I might add:) Everything looked great. I do have an odd rash on my upper arms and back. He said that it was a form of ezcema and nothing to really worry about.

He also noted a small bump in my right lymph node and some fluid uptake in my left lymph node. Neither are anything to worry about at this time.

I was able to discuss some other options for being safe in the sun and apparently I am doing everything that I can do! Other than wearing a huge "Kentucky Derby Sized Hat" which I will be purchasing when I return home, by the way!

This medicine makes me extremely sun senstive. The other day my friend and I were outside, in the shade, watching the kid play, with sunscreen on, and I FRIED!!! My nose and arm burnt so badly that I blistered. *sigh* It sucks. So I am just going to have to be diligent about reapplying sunscreen. Awwww, hello summer! But, I am a mom of two very active children, so NOT playing outside is not an option! So, I will just have to start buying stock in sunscreen:)

My derm did mention that there is not a difference between sunblock and sunscreen. For me he recommended 100 SPF, however for an "average" person he said that 50 SPF applied every 2 hours is adequate. His recommendation for sunscreen was Neutrogena, he did not have a preferance for the spray or rub on, but he did recommend the rub on for me, at least for the initial application.

So, with summer coming, please PLEASE make sure your skin is protected and that your childrens skin is protected! Even one bad sunburn increases your chance for Melanoma by 50%!! Yikes! Be careful out there!


  1. Make sure to get the fixins for mint juleps when you go get the hat! Also, I have to wear long sleeves sometimes in the blazing sun and the clima cool shirts (adidas) are awesome! They can actually be cooler than a t-shirt...

  2. Better start clipping those sunscreen coupons! :)

  3. My husband bought me this huge colorful beach umbrella from Sam's last year for Mother's Day. I secretly wanted a pedicure but sweetly thanked him anyway. VERY glad I have it now so it will protect me even in my backyard as I am becoming more fanatical about those rays. Thanks for reminding everyone about the risks.

  4. Have you tried coolibar spf sun clothing? I have this zip up, they say it's for swimming but I use it all the time on the go, at the park, playing outside and its so lightweight I can tolerate it in the Texas heat. You can use it along with sunscreen and you don't have to reapply. It's a bit pricey so I also use the Columbia SPF wide brim hats and their vented womens fishing shirts are all at least 50spf and reasonably priced and the SPF doesn't taper off over time like sunscreen.

    I love neutrogena helioplex line of creams sprays and face products. I use 115 I think.

    So great to see you doing so awesome in the trial. God bless you and yours.


    Forgot the link!

  6. I love your blog! Thanks you for sharing it! I have cried and laughed and done nothing all day but read it! Thanks again for sharing it!

    I was told to use natural sunscreens for the kids. The doc said Blue Iguana or Vani cream. BUT after looking it up he had the name wrong it is Blue Lizard or Vani Cream. I have only found them online and they seem to be $$$.