Friday, April 15, 2011


Last month we had K's preschool Parent/Teacher conference. I was worried about his behavior issues, however that wasnt even an issue! His teacher (whom I felt really should of focused more on the positive, but that's just the teacher in me speaking...) really seemed to focus more on his academic issues and things that he needs to know for Kindergarten.
I'll be honest, I really was under the impression that preschool was teaching him these things. And of course we read every night, but it's more for enjoyment, not learning. So, my thinking has changed. Since the conference I have really started researching homeschooling and finding all sorts of fun activities to do at home.

At first, K was NOT thrilled with this! At all! And it was a major battle every day. However, I have sort of got it figured out a little more and so has he and he LOVES it! And guess what! His behavior has totally changed for the better too! Yay!! I am thrilled! Who would of thought?!

So, here is our schedule....every day (mainly during the week, but sometimes on the weekends we will all sit down as a family and play Alphabet Bingo or a number game, etc) E has her rest time from around 1-3, so from 1-2PM K and I will work on number and letter activities. I am currently working on the same letter that they are working on at Prek and then we do something with numbers also. I have found all sorts of homeschooling lessons to use at home. The one that really set the tone for making it fun for him was this Batman Lesson! Jackpot! We dont use the letter lessons anymore, but we can still use the number matching portion of it over and over. The numbers only go to 10, so I need to figure out a way to make it to 20. I'll work on that::) I know some of you have asked what websites I really like, so I will post the links below. Hopefully they will help you out also!

My husband and I have made the decision that next year, Ella will not attend prechool. I really feel like the 3 year old year of preschool is more for socialization. K needed that. Without a doubt. However, if you have ever met E, then you know what a social butterfly she is:) So, instead of sending E to prek next year, while K is at Kindergarten E and I will be able to do some preschool homeschooling activities. I am super excited for it! She is DYING to do the learning time with K, but I really think it needs to be more about him. I think that is what has made it so successful. It is just his time with mommy. E will get that next year. A LOT!!

So, here are some of the websites/blogs that I love....
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Making Learning Fun

**For the record, I have no intention of homeschooling K next year. He will attend public school. This is simply to prepare him for Kindergarten.


  1. I am 90% sure that I am going to homeschool Porgie for kindergarten. Shit, I've already taught her to read. I feel like she is leaps and bounds ahead of other kids in reading, but she struggles with math. I am going to buy her an actual kindergarten homeschool math curriculum (probably Saxon math) for the upcoming school year.

    I am also looking into a homeschool co-op, where the parents do all the teaching. This is mainly for socialization (for me and the kids).

    I am nervous as hell, and not sure about any of my decisions, but I think it will be worth it in the end. Nobody cares more about their education than I do!

  2. Yay for him learning so much!! We also love the blog she is a friend of mine and has tons of printables as well :)

  3. That's great! I have been working with my just turned four yr old. He loves it. I know you also love the extra time with him because I sure do.