Friday, March 18, 2011

CT scan

This week has been a crazy, busy week! More busy than usual! Dont get me wrong, I actually LOVE the fact that I am able to be a busy mom. Something that I couldnt do a few years ago (due to being sick with the biochemo).

This week I had a trip to Vanderbilt for a follow up CT scan. So, on Tuesday I loaded the kiddos up and we headed towards KC. We met my mom on the turnpike and switched cars. She took the kiddos in my car and I ended up with their lovely piece of shit car. Who knew once you hit 100 that their car would almost fall apart. Ha! I kid Dad. I kid. Anywoo, after I dropped the kids off and headed to Kansas City to fly to Nashville. I stayed the night in Nashville Tuesday night and the next morning I had my scan.

After several flight delays I finally arrived back in KC Wednesday night and made it back to my folks house with my monkeys late that evening. Normally I would head home the next morning, but a dear friend lost her father unexpectedly and his visitation was Thursday evening. So, instead of heading home, the kiddos and I hung out for awhile with my folks and then we were able to take a different route home so we could stop by the visitation. I am so glad that we were able to do this.

And today has been spent having an upset tummy and getting ready for the coupon class that I am teaching with a good friend tomorrow morning.

What? You didnt know that I am a Crazy Coupon Lady? Then you must not be on Facebook:) Coupons have saved us a bundle! I no longer pay for certain items, instead I hold on to coupons and wait for a sale and match up those coupons. I have been able to cut our grocery bill down to around $50-60 a week and I have created a stockpile that I am super proud of:) Maybe I'll show of pics someday. Only if you promise not to think I am insane!! Because of coupons we have been able to pay cash for my last few trips to Nashville. Which to me is simply amazing! I am really hoping to start a separate bank account where I can start putting a few dollars here and there each week and we can take the kids to Disney World. With CASH!! How amazing would that be?! Can't wait:)

PS No, I do not know the results of my CT scan. Hopefully I will know something next week.


  1. Hey! Good for you on the coupons! My husband is a CVS fanatic and I just make fun of him but he's proud of all the things he gets and I really need to be better about it, I know!

    My dad has started his medicine and it's amazing how much his spirits are lifted! I haven't heard him so upbeat in months! So we shall see but Dr. Sosman told him he thinks my dad should start seeing some shrinkage in the one visible and painful tumor by Monday! Hopefully the others will respond as well.

    Praying that you have good scans and hear back soon!

  2. Where do you find the majority of your coupons? Have you considered holding an online class. You could charge a fee and have people pay thru Paypal. You may be able to pay for that Disney trip with a few coupon classes.
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
    Children's Author of Klutzy Kantor & Marta's Gargantuan Wings

  3. Yay for coupons and saving money!
    You are amazing. Fighting cancer, being a wife & mom, and saving money. Wow!