Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zero Motivation!

Lately I have had NO motivation to do ANYTHING! Not sure what the deal is. I am tired all.the.time. I dont want to sew. I dont want to cook. I dont even want to leave the house. I just want to lay in bed and watch TV or sleep all day long. Obviously, I cant do that. I have two children to take care of. But, it is taking every ounce of my being to get out of bed some mornings. Ugh! I hate it! I hate that I feel like this.

I hope that it is just the weather. We have had oodles and oodles of snow here in the Midwest and the kids and I have actually been trapped in the house. As in, we couldnt leave even if we wanted to! Sigh. We had lots of fun coloring, painting, playing with play doh, playing the wii, the DS, Leapster, and watching lots and lots of movies! Usually my kids are pretty darn good. However, lately all they have done is fight. Over really stupid shit. It is driving me insane! I have never heard two children fight over such stupid stuff. Sigh. I think they need to get out of the house also!

But, Tuesday I leave for Nashville so, no trips to anywhere fun with Mommy will be happening this week. However, I know they will have a wonderful time with their grandpa. He always manages to keep them entertained! And since the weather is supposed to be awesome this week hopefully they can get outside and burn some of that energy!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. Since we are trying to live a little more frugally each kiddo got a little something and Cody and I decided to forgo gifts this year. But that's ok. Because I am ROCKING at this frugal living/couponing thing! It's like a game. But, more on that later:)