Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random (possibly stupid) Facts About Me....

1. I have major difficulties sleeping (hence the reason for this post!)
2. I look forward to watching Day of Our Lives.
3. I hate leaving my children.
4. Even if it's just for a few hours.
5. I cry every time I think about my baby girl turning 3.
6. I am so sad that my kids are growing up so quickly!
7. If I was healthy, I totally would of had more children.
8. I am so sick of writing checks to Vanderbilt!
9. The way that Vanderbilt does their billing is STUPID!
10. Because of beforementioned medical bills, I have been put on a budget.
11. I am going to try really hard to do the Dave Ramsey plan.
12. I don't know if I can do it!
13. I love to spend money on things for my children.
14. I am anxious to do our taxes.
15. I love cheese.
16. Especially Vel.vetta.
17. I wish I still had a cleaning lady:(
18. My favorite color is pink.
19. I hate to take baths.
20. I thought Se.x and the City 2 was really stupid.
21. I used to love getting my picture taken.
22. But now I have a lazy eye because of this medicine.
23. So I don't ever want my picture taken again!
24. I enjoy having my kids sleep with me.
25. I do not enjoy getting kicked in the back!
26. I love Diet Love it!
27. Blow pops rock. Espcially the sour apple ones.
28.'s are my chocolate of choice.
29. I can't sing to save my soul.
30. My kids don't seem to care:)

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  1. Sounds like you're completely normal and an awesome mama. How blessed you, your husband and sweet angels are to have each other. I pray for you!