Monday, January 24, 2011

Vanderbilt visit

Last week I had my appt at Vanderbilt. This one was for a CT scan and derm visit. Seems kind of silly to have to fly there for just a CT scan and derm visit, but this is a trial, therefore all CTs have to be done in the same location due to reliability.  So, that's why I had the priviledge of traveling to Nashville last week.

I don't necessarily mind going. I like Nashville, I like Vanderbilt. But, I could do without the costs. That gets a little old month after month.

But, I had a reality check last week. I will ALWAYS have to travel for medical care. Always. Kansas sucks for cancer care for Melanoma. That's just a fact. So, if I am going to have to travel, it might as well be to Nashville, for the awesome meds that we know are working so very well on me. I mean, really, why not, right?!

So, are you ready for the final report on the CT scan? Yeah, I thought so:) The tumor in my hip is STILL not showing up on CT scans, so the rumor is is it totally! So the tumor that actually got me into the trial has actually disappeared BECAUSE of the trial. Awesome, right?!

The tumor in my lymph node that showed up right before the trial and measured something like 3 or 4 cm (I don't really remember and am to lazy to go back and look right now), measured 8.5mm 2 months ago, and measured 8.2mm this appt. So, according to my oncologist the tumor actually shrank. However, it is quite difficult to get an accurate measurement because the tumor is SOOOOO SMALL!! Awesome, right?!

So, the meds are STILL working on me. I will continue to head to Nashville once a month. And I will continue to Praise God and urge you all to continue praying for us.

I will not ever beat Melanoma. That is just the way Melanoma works. Like it or not, such is life. But, just because I can't beat it, and I can't make it stop coming back, that doesn't mean that I can't fight it. Here is my hope, I can fight it off long enough, that they will eventually come up with a treatment that will kill Melanoma for good. I have already beat the odds. This treatment ususally only works for about 6 months, I have been on it for almost a year!! Woo Hoo!! Awesomeness!! I am already defying the odds. Why stoip now?:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Superhero Capes

About a month after I was diagnosed I decided to make a "Bucket List." Some of things I have accomplished, some of the things I am working on accomplishing, and some of the things I may never accomplish! But, because of my latest project I am getting closer, however, I will need your help!

At the end of this week, I, along with the youth group at our church and several other adults who enjoy sewing will begin cutting out and sewing super hero capes.

For who you ask? For children battling cancer of course!

This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I have wanted to do this for awhile, but time is an issue! Now that things have slowed down a bit I really want to do this.

However, I will need help! We are needing donations of yards of fabric. Any and all colors are welcome, but they need to be at least a yard. We are also asking for monetary donations. We will use the money to go and purchase the supplies for the capes.

This is simply just a little something that I (and you!) can do to put a smile on the face of a child battling such an awful disease.

If you would like to donate to this fabulous cause please click on the paypal link and in the comment section put what the donation is for.

Easy peasy!

Thank you so much for your support!!

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Friday, January 7, 2011


For the last few months my side effects from the chemo has been pretty minimal. However, as of the last 2 days the side effects are kicking my butt!! All those weird inflammation lumps have come back with a vengence! A major vengence! For the last 4 months or so I have only had around 5 lumps at the same time. No big deal. But now? Now I have like 30 lumps! On my legs, arms, butt, and waist. And they freaking hurt! Oh they hurt so bad. Now, I know they will die down in a few days, but I would love to know what is causing them to pop up like this. It is so odd.

And, now, on top of the lumps, I also am having some major joint pain. My shoulder is killing me. Usually it's just my fingers and it dies down as the day goes on. But this shoulder pain doesn't seem to go away. Now, I know that it will also go away, but my baby girl turns THREE tomorrow! I MUST be in tip top shape! I have some major partying to do!

So for tonight, this mama is taking lots of pain meds and going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and it will be great!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random (possibly stupid) Facts About Me....

1. I have major difficulties sleeping (hence the reason for this post!)
2. I look forward to watching Day of Our Lives.
3. I hate leaving my children.
4. Even if it's just for a few hours.
5. I cry every time I think about my baby girl turning 3.
6. I am so sad that my kids are growing up so quickly!
7. If I was healthy, I totally would of had more children.
8. I am so sick of writing checks to Vanderbilt!
9. The way that Vanderbilt does their billing is STUPID!
10. Because of beforementioned medical bills, I have been put on a budget.
11. I am going to try really hard to do the Dave Ramsey plan.
12. I don't know if I can do it!
13. I love to spend money on things for my children.
14. I am anxious to do our taxes.
15. I love cheese.
16. Especially Vel.vetta.
17. I wish I still had a cleaning lady:(
18. My favorite color is pink.
19. I hate to take baths.
20. I thought Se.x and the City 2 was really stupid.
21. I used to love getting my picture taken.
22. But now I have a lazy eye because of this medicine.
23. So I don't ever want my picture taken again!
24. I enjoy having my kids sleep with me.
25. I do not enjoy getting kicked in the back!
26. I love Diet Love it!
27. Blow pops rock. Espcially the sour apple ones.
28.'s are my chocolate of choice.
29. I can't sing to save my soul.
30. My kids don't seem to care:)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 In Review

January 2010...
Started the year cancer free. I just "knew" 2010 would be a great year.

E turned 2 and started potty training!

February 2010
Returned to Houston for scans and discovered that the melanoma had returned to a small spot in my left hip. Cried the whole way home...

March 2010
Cruise to the Bahamas with my husband, bestie and her husband. During cruise discovered a mass in my left lymph node. Found out during cruise that I was accepted into the trial at Vanderbilt, pending the other tests.

E completed potty training!

April 2010
Began trial at Vanderbilt. Within 2 days of beginning the meds the tumor in groin had shrank to half the size!

May 2010
Returned to Vanderbilt, with the kids for second part of the trial. Began developing some nasty side effects from chemo. Nashville FLOODED and we lost EVERYTHING, except our car (thank goodness!) Was taken off the chemo for a couple of weeks to get my body back to "normal."

Restarted the chemo.

Turned 32.

Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

June 2010
Friends held benefit for me and my family. Discovered the masses forming under my skin and started freaking out. Found out the masses were NOT cancer. Stopped freaking out.

July 2010
Returned to Nashville
2 year anniversary of kicking cancer's ass!

August 2010
Returned to Nashville with the kids. No flooding! Woo Hoo! Enjoyed some family time in the midst of Dr appts.

September 2010
K started Preschool!
Nashville trip

October 2010
Nashville trip
Took the kids to Disneyworld!

November 2010
K turned 5!
Returned to Nashville.
Celebrated Thanksgiving with my amazing family!

December 2010
Nashville trip
Celebrated Christmas with my amazing family!