Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm sorry, I'm such a bloggy slacker, aren't I!

Here is an update from my last visit.
MRI of the brain looked great. No worries. We are contributing the headaches to allergies, back/neck problems, and to much Scentsy in my house!

CT looked great. The original tumor is GONE! Totally and completely gone!! Woo Hoo! The tumor that was in my left groin/lymph node is still slightly visible but to small to get an accurate measurement on. We know its NOT growing, but its to small to tell if it is still shrinking. Either way, I am good wtith it!

I also found out that after Decemeber I will only have to return to Vanderbilt every other month. This is a little nerve racking for several reasons. One, I am the ONLY one, out of the 5 of us that started the trial, that is still on the medication. One had to end it really early because it was damaging her kidneys, the other 3 showed progression on the drug (their cancer grew). I am the only one who it is still working for. I am thrilled, of course, but nervous also. If it quit for them, why wouldn't it quit for me? We already know that it will eventually, we just don't know when exactly. So, the thought of only returning every other month is a little nerve racking. However, going every month was stupid. All I did was have labs, see the Dr, and get my meds, so really it was kind of pointless. At least now when I go I will have a CT scan every time, so that will help ease the mind a bit.

Overall, I am doing well. Joint pain and fatigue, but nothing abnormal. For me, anyway!


  1. Wanted to say I'm really glad you're doing well! It's encouraging to know that these drugs are working for some people! My dad is still at stage III but may know more this week. He's had 3 surgeries to remove several subcutaneous melanomas in his head- horrible scar and basically hole in his head from it but he did well. He finished radiation so we'll see how things are looking. Scary stuff but only the strong can handle it and it seems like you're are handling it well! Best wishes for you!

  2. Once again, Heather, I am giving all my praises and all the glory to our precious LORD and Provider! Continuing to ask that the trial will continue to work and so thankful for you that you only have to travel every other month now, instead of every month! We serve the most AWESOME Creator, Believing that He has been Acting on your behalf in days gone by, today and in all the coming days ahead! I will continue lifting you in my prayers!

  3. I'm so excited to hear your news! Praise the Lord that you have the right body chemistry for the drug you're taking.