Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm sorry, I'm such a bloggy slacker, aren't I!

Here is an update from my last visit.
MRI of the brain looked great. No worries. We are contributing the headaches to allergies, back/neck problems, and to much Scentsy in my house!

CT looked great. The original tumor is GONE! Totally and completely gone!! Woo Hoo! The tumor that was in my left groin/lymph node is still slightly visible but to small to get an accurate measurement on. We know its NOT growing, but its to small to tell if it is still shrinking. Either way, I am good wtith it!

I also found out that after Decemeber I will only have to return to Vanderbilt every other month. This is a little nerve racking for several reasons. One, I am the ONLY one, out of the 5 of us that started the trial, that is still on the medication. One had to end it really early because it was damaging her kidneys, the other 3 showed progression on the drug (their cancer grew). I am the only one who it is still working for. I am thrilled, of course, but nervous also. If it quit for them, why wouldn't it quit for me? We already know that it will eventually, we just don't know when exactly. So, the thought of only returning every other month is a little nerve racking. However, going every month was stupid. All I did was have labs, see the Dr, and get my meds, so really it was kind of pointless. At least now when I go I will have a CT scan every time, so that will help ease the mind a bit.

Overall, I am doing well. Joint pain and fatigue, but nothing abnormal. For me, anyway!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Tomorrow I have my appts at Vanderbilt. I have MRI, labs, CT, EKG, and appt with Dr. (so I had Good times written right after Dr. but then it looked like I had an appt with Dr. Good times. Hahaha-totally made me laugh out loud!)

Good times.

The flight getting here was a stinking nightmare. Delay, after delay, but I got here, safe and sound so I am grateful.

As I lay here in my hotel room I cant stop thinking of all the things I really, really need to be doing at home! I have so many embroidery orders my head is spinning! But, in a good way of course!

I miss my monkeys. I have sucked in the mommy/wife department lately. And I hate that. I have just been so stinking busy! I hope that my hubbie and kids understand!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Lately I have been one stressed out mama. For numerous reasons. You know how I roll. When it rains it pours!

I have been getting some pretty bad headaches lately. Which is odd for me. I dont really get headaches. Some of the pain has been sinus pain. I really should be used to that! But I have also had some pain behind my right ear. It's an odd pain. It hurts when I push on my head so in all likely  hood it is probably a bruise. But, when you have cancer you tend to freak over everything. So, I have asked them to schedule a MRI appt along with my other appts.

I leave for Nashville next Sunday (Nov 21) and all of my appts are scheduled for Monday. I should be home Tuesday as long as everything goes like it should.

Here's the thing with the drug I am on. It does NOT cross the blood/brain pathogen. Therefore, if, for some odd reason the melanoma has spread to my brain the Braf drug that I am on would not do anything to fight that off. It would still work on the rest of my body though. Odd, right? I am not quite sure what we would do if that happened to be the situation. But, since that WON'T be the situation I am not going to dwell on it.

One thing I have learned from all of this is that stress + cancer= NOT GOOD!! Soooo, I either take up drinking or learn to deal with my stress! While the drinking actually sounds like a grand ole time, it's probably not the best option for my family:) Plus, I'm really not a huge drinker, although I did attend a Wine Party the other night and found a new wine, ChocoWine (I think) and fell.in.love!! Chocolate + wine all in one? Yum-O people!! How was that for rambling?!

Anywoo...I am working hard on dealing with my stress, without alcohol:) The End.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I must apologize for being absent lately. Life has been a bit crazy over here! A good crazy, but crazy nonetheless!

As you know, I started selling Scentsy a few months ago, and I must say it is going quite well! I have been quite pleased with it. Thank you to all of you who have hosted basket parties or ordered off the website! You guys are the reason my business has been successful!

I have also been participating in a couple of craft shows, selling my homemade sewing items and embroidered items. The craft shows are quite enjoyable, but boy is the prep a lot of work!

Here are few examples of the fun crafty items I have been making...

Tutu bags 010_edited-1 Halloween 033

Tutu bags 014_edited-1 Tutu bags 012_edited-1  



These are just a few of the items I have been busy sewing up! As most of you know, sewing is something that I throughly enjoy. It makes me happy. It makes me smile. And it USUALLY relaxes me:)

The tutu bags has been a WONDERFUL seller with my friends and family so I am hopeful that they will be big sellers at the craft fairs also:) Keep your fingers crossed for me! I have been lucky enough to make a new friend who makes some wonderful, beautiful hair bows and we have been sharing a craft booth. She makes her bows and I do the sewing projects. It has been nice to have a friend there with me. If you are interested in any new hair bows, be sure to check out Allie Foo Foos Tutus and Bows on Facebook.


We also decided to take a little family vacation last week. As you may know, ever since I was diagnosed I have said that I want to take my kids to Disneyworld. Being diagnosed with cancer is a major slap in the face. It makes you wake up and realize that your life may be cut short. My husband and I talked and talked and dreamed and dreamed about taking the kids, but, darn Disneyworld is EXPENSIVE!! However, because of my persistance and constant website checking I was able to find an AWESOME deal! So we booked it. And guess what, I don’t regret going one little bit! It was worth every penny. Every blister. Every sunburn. Everything. It was amazing! Every day since being home we have said how much we wish we were back there! That is how amazing it was for us!

My son LOVED the Buzz Lightyear ride. He constantly asked to ride it over and over again. And my daughter, well, let’s just say that that girl has never meet a Princess that she didn’t like:)

 DisneyWorld Baby!! 063

At the Princess Breakfast at Epcot

DisneyWorld Baby!! 005_edited-1

E attempting to ride Bullseye! Goofy girl!


 DisneyWorld Baby!! 035_edited-1

Cinderella’s Castle *sigh*

 DisneyWorld Baby!! 092

My little Princess!


DisneyWorld Baby!! 124

Watching It’s A Bug’s Life in 3D


**As you may have noticed, I am trying to protect my kids by not placing pics of their faces on here. If you are a friend on FB then you have already seen our Disneyworld pics. If you would like to become my friend on FB, (which I update more regularly than my blog:( leave me a message with your name and I will look you up and add you:)

You can’t tell by these photos really, but a WONDERFUL, FABULOUS time was had by all! It was so nice to take a family vacation and not have to worry about Dr appts and entertaining kids in Drs offices. Pure bliss I tell ya!


Let’s see, we are also gearing up for a certain big boys 5th Birthday! That’s right. My baby boy will turn FIVE on Saturday. I am really having a rough time with this. Five just seems so old! But, he is ready, he is soooo ready for his birthday. In fact, that crazy kid has been talking about his birthday for months! He has been going through the Toys R Us toy catalog and been cutting out pics for the last few weeks. He is going to be a bit disappointed when he doesn’t get every little thing he has picked out! But, dang, that kid has some expensive taste:)


Ok, so now you know why the blog has slacked. How was that for a major hodge podge of updates!