Sunday, October 17, 2010



the end

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sometimes I get so mad that cancer has changed me. It has not only changed me in the inside but also on the outside. It has changed how I feel, it has changed what I do, and it has changed how I think. It has also changed the way OTHER people look at me. But, I have decided that I am ok with that.

I don't think people look at me and say, oh you poor dear, you have cancer. I think they look at me and say, seriously? You have cancer?

And I am ok with that. Because even though cancer has changed me. It has changed me for the better. Odd, I know, but I am ok with that too.

Because, you see, because of cancer, I am a better mom, sister, daughter, wife, and friend. I realize the importance of family and friendship now more than ever. I realize how important it is to be there for the ones you love and to make sure that they know how much they mean to you.

I also believe that cancer has made me stronger. Fairly certain that 2 and half years ago most of you would not have considered me to be brave, or strong, or a fighter, however, I have NO doubt in my mind that those are words that you would use to describe me now. Because I am. I AM brave, I AM strong, and I most certainly AM a fighter.

So, yes cancer does suck, MAJORLY, but because of it I have become a better person. I no longer take for granted those special (and some not so special!) moments with my adorable little babes. And I no longer care about stupid petty things. Things are in perspective. So, thank you cancer for giving me that.

Now, if you don't I feel as if I must kick your ass... (I'm talking to cancer there, not you readers:)