Monday, September 27, 2010

Vandy Update

Today I had my appt at Vanderbilt. The appt consisted of labs, CT scan of chest, abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities, EKG and an appt with the Dr.

Labs went fine.

The CT was awful though!

First, they didn't have my orders for the lower extremties. For some reason this is ALWAYS a problem. I called my nurse and she faxed the order over.

I waited in the waiting room.

I drank my lovely Barium drink. (Blech!)

And I waited some more.

Finally, after 2 hours I heard my name.

The tech asked me if I had my paperwork.

What? Seriously? Why would I have that?

They lost it. It was nowhere to be found.

After some searching it was discovered. Finally!

Then it was lost AGAIN! Get it together people!

Then it was found. The CT was started.

CT without contrast was done. The tech came over to put the contrast in my IV.

Iodine and blood starts going EVERYWHERE! Not good!

The IV was pulled out and the tech attempted to start a new one.

First try he stuck the needle in, wiggled it around and got nothing.

Second try, same freaking thing!!

Third try, I told him if he couldn't get it he was done. He tried the other arm and after some wiggling he was able to get it. Lucky for him! Pretty sure I would have punched him in the hand if he didn't get it!

CT was completed. Finally!!

EKG was fine and appt with the Dr went quite well. I like my Dr here. We may not always see eye to eye, but if I can see him and talk to him he always listens to me. Which is a nice feeling! After all of this I have become quite knowledgable, not only about Melanoma, but about my own body.

So, appt today went quite well (report wise anyway!). The original tumors are to small to even measure! No new tumors and the plan is to continue on the meds like I am.

Prayers are working! Keep on praying friends!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Stand Up To Cancer

Tonight I watched Stand Up To Cancer. Did you? I'll be honest, I couldn't watch it all. After the first 5 minutes I was bawling. I mean really bawling. I don't know why. It just hit me really hard. I realized that this chemo won't work forever. Soon I will be back where I was a year ago and will have to start all over.

As I was watching the show I would see people say things like I am here for my mother. That was hard to handle also. Some day my kids may be saying that. Some day my children may have to tell people about me. Instead of getting to meet their friends in person, my kids will have to show them my picture and talk about me. I hope they talk about how much of a fighter I am. How I fought my ass off up until the end. How I did it all for them.

My kids know I love them. My kids know I have cancer. My kids know that at times mama is sicky because of the cancer. My kids know that we hate cancer (or that it sucks monkey balls!). But, my kids don't know that some day this cancer may take their mama away from them. How do you even tell a 2 year old and a 4 year old about that? Well, if you're me, you don't. You just keep fighting with every ounce of your being.

Right now I am one of the lucky ones. Every now and then I will hear some show or read some news story that is talking about Stage IV Melanoma. Every.Single.Time they say that a Stage IV diagnosis means a survival time of 6-12 months. Really? That's it? Well that doesn't seem very fair now does it. I was diagnosed with Stage III or Stage IV (totally depends on the Dr you talk to!) on July 8, 2008. Now, over 2 years later I am winning my battle. I am in remission, with the assistance of chemo of course, but right now I am actually in remission. How fabulous is that? Not many people with Advanced Metastatic Melanoma get the honor or priviledge of saying that. But, I can!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Newest Endeavor

I know I have sort of been MIA lately. Sorry about that. The latest Dr appts went ok, I think. I never really hear anything back at these appts, since I didn't have a CT scan or anything. Labs apparently looked ok, they gave me my meds without any issues, so that is always a bonus!

The reason I have been absent is I decided to add something else to my plate! You know, because I don't have enough going on in my life! My most recent adventure is Scentsy! If you haven't heard of it, smelled it, or given it a shot, you simply must! Scentsy uses a low watt candle and wax and give your house a wonderful smell. No soot, no smoke, just yummy smells!

Now, since I am just starting out, I could use your help! If anyone would be able and/or willing to host a party for me, I would be very appreciative. It could be an actual at home show, or simply a catalog party where people place orders by viewing a catalog. I have (or will have!) a basket of some of the different scents available that you would be able to set out to show your friends and coworkers. Or, for those of you far away, simply ordering from my website is very helpful. You can check it out at here.
Thank you all for your support!