Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pathology Results

The pathology results came in last week and mass came back as some sort of inflammation. Oddly enough, nobody really knows what it is! It is an inflammation in my fat. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have a ton of it!

Last week, before the path report came back my oncologist wanted to take me off the trial until the results came in. I can see his side, sort of. He was thinking in the frame of mind that these masses are melanoma. And honestly, if my derm here wouldn't have already biopsied one and I already knew they were not cancer, I would have agreed. Why stay on something that isn't working anymore when I could be preparing for the next trial?

However, I knew these were not cancer. I wasn't worried. So when my nurse told me that my Dr would not refill my prescription until the results were in I was pissed! Here are SEVERAL reasons why...
1. Stopping and starting these meds are an excellent to build up resistance
2. I had enough meds on hand to get me to Friday, which was when the path reports would have been in, however I wouldn't have been able to see a Dr until Monday so that means Sat and Sun without meds
3. When the tests come back as inflammation I would have to purchase MORE plane tickets to head to Nashville to get the meds. Hello...EXPENSIVE!!

So after some crying and whining, my nurse emailed the head oncologist in charge of the trial, he said, under no circumstances let her stop the meds! Problem solved. Yippee!

My prescription was filled. No return trip the following week. And my mass came back as inflammation. A good visit over all:)

As for the PET, some of the masses lit up, some did not. The tricky part is being able to differientiate between cancer and the fat masses. There is no sure fire way of knowing what is what (Other than taking a biopsy of every single one-which is NOT an option!). So, I guess for now, we just go with my gut. We'll see what happens with that:)

As for side effects, well, the masses obviously, joint pain, sun sensitivity (majorly) and some fatigue. But, other than that I truly am doing quite well. I feel so blessed. No, really, I do. I have been through SOOOOO much worse. I am grateful to be on a chemo med that is presenting few side effects and is working so well. 

Life is good.


  1. Good, good, good! So glad to hear it.

  2. so happy you're in a good place!

  3. I didn't doubt that the pathology report would be good, but it is SO nice to hear for sure! It's official you are kicking cancers ass!!! Keep it up ;)

  4. This is truly good news and we're all so glad to hear it!

  5. woooohooooo what a great visit!!

  6. LOVE your attitude, girlie!!

  7. I'm glad you got good news, I'm rooting for you:)

  8. So very glad for the update and that all is continuing, that the nurse listened to you and phoned the dr and for his wisdom! Know that we are continuing to pray and we are believing that our precious LORD is Acting on Your Behalf! Love you all!

  9. Every time I read your blog I think how amazing you are!!! Sending prayers your way!! : )

  10. I have just stumbled upon your blog are AMAZING!! Prayers are with you, and keep at it! :)

    a friend in the fight against Melanoma!!