Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Trip Friday we are leaving for Nashville. We are going to take the kiddos this time and drive. K starts Preschool after Labor Day and they will both be attending Mom's Day Out at our church, so this is the last time that we can go as a family without them missing school. The hard part is my husband missing work. With his previous job, they were actually wonderful about my Drs appts, his new job has not been as great. But, he was approved for this little trip so we'll see how this goes.

I have appts on Monday morning, but should be done by 1pm so after that we are going to head down to Chattanooga so that we can go to the Aquarium the next day. Yes, the same Aquarium we went to last time. Yes, it's that awesome!! Here is the website, but it doesn't do it justice! I even enjoyed it, so you know the kiddos did!

I don't really expect anything to change at the appts. I don't even see the Dr, I see a Nurse Practitioner. I am basically driving 12 hours to get more meds. A little annoying, but whatever. I guess you do what you have to do for the good stuff:)


  1. oo I hope you have a great trip!! I am sure the kids will have a blast!

  2. Keeping you in our prayers as you travel and enjoy the side stops! Continuing to pray and ask for our LORD to work through this trial, and Expecting HIM to ACT on your behalf! Love you all!