Saturday, June 5, 2010

Doing Well..

I just wanted to update and let you all know that I am actually doing quite well. The joint pain comes and goes, but no fevers, no rash, no headaches. Nothing, you know, other than the darn joint pain! But, it is getting better. I have also discovered that my skin is SUPER sun sensitive. I wore 100 SPF to the zoo the other day, plus put it on 3 times while I was there and I FRIED! You can tell the spots I missed or only hit once or twice. It hurt a little bit, but the worse part, is it looks really gross! And I tend to wear tank tops. A lot!  Oh well. I did purchase a shirt sleeve UV shirt to wear the next time we take a zoo trip. Hopefully that will help!

On another note, my wonderful friend Amy designed an awesome float (for the parade that was in our town) to promote the website that she set up for me for donations, shirt orders, and info on the benefit that my friends are hosting to raise money for my family and me. Please be sure to check it out and let us know what you think! I will try to get post pictures posted soon of the float. You can also check them out on FB. She did a fab job!

I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have such wonderful friends and family. People who are willing to donate their time and energy (not to mention money) to put together a benefit so time consuming and awesome warms my heart and makes me realize how very loved we are. So, thank you to everyone who has donated money, food, time, effort, and energy. And also thank you to everyone who has purchased a shirt. It is SO awesome to see people wearing the shirts around town! That kind of support brings tears to my eyes. I am blessed. Beyond measure.

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  1. yay for only 1 symptom! Yikes on the sun screen! I do think of you and pray for you every time I load Sammy and I up with sunscreen which is quite frequently!