Friday, May 21, 2010

Side Effects Suck!

As predicted, the side effects have begun. Last Monday I woke with some joint pain. On Tuesday morning I woke in some major pain. Every single joint hurt. They hurt so bad I cried several times that morning. And the kids hadn't even woken up yet! It took me about 30 minutes to get myself ready and the kids breakfast on the table (about 20 minutes longer than normal, I might add!)

A little after 8 am I got the kids up, handed them their clothes and had them get dressed. Usually I help with this task, not because they can't do it themselves, but because I like to! I'm their mama and I guess I would really rather they didn't grow up to quickly!! Anyway, they got dressed, ate their breakfast and were actually quite good and helpful. Apparently it was obvious that mama was in some pain!

We left for school a bit earlier than normal because K had a field trip. Obviously, I wouldn't be going:( Boo!! I am so proud of him for being such a good kiddo though! And he told me he had a blast and can't wait to go back with Mommy, Daddy, and sissy. Of course, I promised that we would!

After I dropped off my little man, I dropped Sissy off at Mom's Day Out. I was supposed to have an appt for an IV of Vitamin C, but I didn't feel comfortable driving that far so I went home, propped my feet up and watched TV. All afternoon! Pretty sure I haven't done that since biochemotherapy! But, it was nice and certainly needed!

Around 1pm I had a dentist appt for a sore tooth. I thought I had pulled out a filling, apparently part of my tooth had broken off. At this point I will either have the tooth removed or a root canal. I have an appt on Monday with the oral surgeon to get their opinion. I know that chemo can wreck havoc on your teeth, and the frequent vomiting did not help matters I am sure!  Just one more bump in the road. What the hell, why not right?!

On Wednesday I woke up sore, but manageable with pain meds. The kids were awesome and took great care of me all day. I did have to slide down the stairs on my bootie because the kids wanted to go down and play and there was no way I was able to get down the stairs walking!

On Thursday I woke up in major pain again. Every stinking joint hurt. But, I thought I would be ok. Morning is certainly the worst time of day for me. As the day goes on the pain lessens. However, this morning I was getting the kids breakfast ready and all the sudden I got really light headed, clamy, dizzy, had difficult breathing, and just felt plain weird. I sat down, waited a few minutes and called my friend to take me to the ER. After about 10 minutes the weirdness went away, so instead of the ER we ran to my local family physician's office.

In the meantime, my MIL is with the kids because K can't miss preschool, it's his last day! He HAS to go! So Grandma took him and took Ella to run some errands while one of my BFF's took me to the Dr.

The Dr ran a whole bunch of labs and really didn't find out much, other than my WBC are at a 5.6-YAY! my RBC are at a 3.3-YAY! My hemoglobin was ok and my platelets were ok! This is great. This means that the chemo, at this dosage anyway is not dropping my counts like it was on the higher dose!

My family physician gave me some new pain medicine that seems to be working quite well, without the sleepy side effect like the narcotics were giving me.

On Friday, the bottom of my feet were VERY sore still, and my right shoulder joint was causing me some major pain, but I spent most of the day with my feet elevated, used ActivOn quite frequently, took 4 ibuprofren every 8 hours and took the new pain meds on top of that. And so far, that little regimen has been working!

Hopefully the joint pain will subside. It is the most common side effect of this med so it is not surprising that I have it. I did start some new supplements that are supposed to eventually help, but it will take some time for those to kick in. But, needless to say, I will be extremely excited when they do!!


  1. oo boo on side effects!! Yay that the pain meds are helping some.. I am sure you never thought you would go down the stairs on your bum as an adult! Very smart though! Praying for strength and the side effects to let up!!

  2. Praying for you Heather!!! Reagan is going to miss your Ella this summer, so you MUST let me have her a time or two so they can have a play date! And OMG your story about how Ella asked God to watch over Reagan was so heartwarming. You're such a fabulous mommy!!!

  3. Damn, that sounds horrible. I am so sorry friend.