Thursday, April 15, 2010


Some things I want to remember from this Nashville trip...

*The drive to the airport took FOR.EV.ER
*We switched cars with dad because my car is nicer, he is to lazy to switch the car seats, he insists that the kids ride better in my car.
*My dads car has a possessed dashboard. At one point my husband actually wanted to shoot the dashboard. I just pounded it with my fist a lot turned the radio up.
*Before we went to the hotel I wanted to find a grocery store. So I looked on my trusty GPS. I am now convinced that my trusty GPS is possessed also.
*At the hotel, we discovered that we would be sleeping together in the smallest bed I have ever seen. Queen? My ass!
*At the hospital, we parked and were walking into the building and my husband ran into a parked car. I laughed for 30 minutes. I am laughing now just thinking about it.
*Tuesday was one of the longest days of my life. We arrived at 9 am and did not leave until 7 pm. I was exhausted.
*The weather in TN is beautiful. Apparently, KS has all the wind. Because TN has none!
*The hospital forgot to bring me supper last night.
*Come to find out, I was better off without it! It was awful!
*Last night we snuck out of the hospital to go for a walk. It was beautiful out.
*We went across the street to Wendy's and I enjoyed a baked potato. It was much better!
*I was able to talk to both kids on the phone last night and it was pure bliss. I cried when they told me Night Night and I love you.
*I miss my kids. A lot.
*I started the trial today. So far, so good. Just a little groggy.
*Pretty sure I am running out of blood though!
*My husband left at 3:30 this morning to catch a flight to North Dakota for work. He will be back late tonight.
*Luckily, my nurse is in here CONSTANTLY to take blood. I always have her to talk to!
*The nurses are beyond kind.
*I still miss my kids...


  1. Precious Heather - I'm so proud of you and your strength and determination - You're just amazing!!
    Here's your cancer being History!!!!!

  2. I just laughed thinking about Cody running into a parked car. Been thinking about you!!!

  3. Pretty sure I'm gonna tell B about Cody and he will laugh for a good 30 min too!!! Poor Cody! Glad you are making some "good" memories there...and glad you have good nurses. I think that makes all the difference when you are in the hospital. I'm thinking about you! Just think...only 4 more FULL days without the kiddos and then you'll be back at home. (I didn't count today or next Tuesday!!!) xoxo

  4. Know that you are in our prayers consistently! I really appreciate your updates and so glad that your nurses are wonderful! So glad the weather is beautiful there and no wind. We do have it in Kansas! Love YOU!

  5. hehe laughing about the car being ghetto.. I had one that you had to hit to make it stop! So glad you get to go home a day early!!

  6. Had to smile when I read you "snuck out of the hospital for a was beautiful out".
    Sometimes in the midst of everything you are going through, a beautiful night just walking means alot. So many prayers are being sent your way!

  7. glad you are still finding humor in all always do! love ya

  8. I am thinking of you, hoping everything goes smoothly.

  9. Heather, Although I have never met you yet, I'm a friend of your Mom's from HS. I have to say You are so Amazing! I read your page daily and all my friends in the Charlotte area are praying for you. Keep up all that positive strength you have and let us carry your heart. Much Love and Admiration... Cathy Sisco-Boots