Friday, April 23, 2010

Exciting News!

As you know, Tuesday I started the magic RO5 pills. Statistics said that it will work within a week or two. Apparently I am ahead of the statistics, because the tumor that I can feel is half the size that it was on Monday! How awesome is that!

AND, so far I haven't really exhibited any side effects. Which is quite nice, I might add!

I have discovered that I am a nervous pill taker. I am constantly looking at the clock to make sure I am not late taking the pills. I take the pills at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm. However, I find myself looking at the clock nervously in the middle of the afternoon. Ugh! Totally sounds like me doesn't it!

On another note, I decided to add kiwis to my fruit smoothies, and have since discovered that I am allergic to kiwis. Nice! I actually added them to one smoothie before we left, but thought maybe that was just how your lips and face felt after you eat kiwis. Apparently not. Oops!

Keep praying! It is working!


  1. Awesome news!! Praise God! (not the kiwi part, the tumor shrinking part...LOL)

  2. That is wonderful! Keep on shrinking tumor!

  3. Reading this late! But yay!! My SIL is like that with mangoes.. and the rash could totally be from it because she gets one when she eats mangoes.