Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bright Spot Appointment

**These are solely my opinions, based on my experience. Don't Judge Me!**

This week I have had numerous appointments at the holistic center near our town called The Bright Spot For Health.

It has been an interesting experience to say the least. Some (most) of the information has been very helpful. However, some has been, well, a huge waste of money! But, whatev. It grows on trees here in KS:)

My first day, Monday, I met with the Dr, had labs, completed the Herrmann Brain Dominance Profile (stupid!), ate lunch (that was fit for a rabbit!), threw some clay at a wooden wall (waste of $!) physical with another Dr (whom I loved), watched a video in a library that smelled like a dirty old lady, had an IV of 15 grams of Vitamin C and watched another video (that put me to sleep!)

The Herrmaan Brain Dominance Profile  gave me information as to which side of the brain I use the majority of the time and what character traits I possess. The test showed that I am a Detailed, Controlled, Dominate person who thrives on organization and planning. DUH! I did NOT need a test to tell me this! I KNOW this. I also had to draw a stupid picture. Whatev. 

The next exercise took me outside where I was to imagine things that made me angry and upset while I was throwing the clay pigions. Could of done that at home. Moving on...

I had a physical with the female Dr at the center and I really liked her. She was able to answer any questions I had and she was very kind and understanding.

The most helpful activities that I participated in on the first day was the labs and IV of Vitamin C. There has been lots of studies on cancer and Vit C and how it can help boost up your immune system to fight off cancer.

On Tuesday I had a diet consulation with the Dr I meet with originally and an IV of 25 G of Vitamin C.

The diet consulation was VERY helpful. When they drew labs on Monday one of the tests that they did was a cytotoxic test. The Cytotoxic test is one in which the white cells from your blood are separated and mixed with antigens (different foods in my case) and studied microscopically. A postive response means your blood cells weere damaged when placed in contact with the antigen being tested. The more positive the rating, the greater the degree of sensitivity your blood cells demonstrate in relation to the substance.

The scale they rate them on is from 0 (no sensitivity) to 4 (high sensitivity).

I had two items score a 1-onions and tomatoes.

I had quite a few items score a 2 (pretty much everything that I enjoy!)
**Grapes (including wine!), corn (including anything using corn syrup or corn oil), chocolate (shoot me now!), rice, chicken, soybean (including soybean oil and soy protein), nutrasweet (including D. Pepsi-now you can really shoot me!)

I did not have any items that were a three or a four.

So, what does this mean? I need to eliminate onions and tomatoes for 2 weeks and then add them in slowly.

I need to eliminate all of the items that I scored a 2 on for 2 months and then add them back in slowly.

So far I have been successful in eliminating all of the items from my diet except for Diet Pepsi. I have decided that the test was wrong in that instance! Hey, I have to have a little fun, right?!

Corn has been the hardest to eliminate. I never realized how many items contained corn or corn oil. That has been a little difficult.

But, what does this really mean? The cytotoxic test tells us that instead of exerting energy to attack cancer cells, my blood cells are attacking the food that I am eating. No wonder I can't fight off this cancer!

They also tested my urine to see how much spill over of Vitamin C I have in my urine. I had NONE! That is not good. Any extra Vitamin C that you are taking should be excretated in your urine. You really can't have "to much" Vitamin C.  So, that is another reason I will be doing the IV Vitamin C twice a week.

Another test they performed that I probably could have done with out was some sort of auro testing. We did a pre Vitamin C auro test and a post Vitamin C auro test. There was definitely a difference, however, I am not really sure what that tells us.

I will get the results of the rest of my labs in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I have been placed on a ton of vitamins.

Overall, I am glad that I did this. The food testing, the vitamin C IV, and the lab results have made it worth it. Some of my questions about my body have been answered, finally! Now I know why my body has been failing me and I finally know some things that I can do to fix it.

This cancer better back it up because here I come:)


  1. I completely and totally understand the diet Pepsi thing. I couldn't go without Coke.

    It will be hard eliminating all those foods, but you can do it. I eliminated dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, and citrus fruits for an entire year. It sucked, but I never felt healthier in my whole life.

  2. I wonder if it would be worth my while to go there. I would love to know why I can't fight this fatigue and I've often wondered if it has to do with the food I eat. That food test and the labs would be interesting, but probably not for the price. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. This sounds VERY interesting. Might be calling you soon to get more info. LOVE your positive attitude, girl!

  4. You sound like a woman on mission! Throwing clay...okay a little weird but like you said...whatev on that.

    The vitamin c sounds awesome...can I come?

    You definitely sound like you are upbeat and strong...keep it up girl!

  5. Okay...I could totally see the expression on your face when you were throwing clay! Hilarious!!! That food study sounds very interesting and at least you can slowly add those. You are awesome and you are doing everything you possibly can to beat this monster. Love you!!!

  6. Sounds like you learned some really great things in your time there. The throwing mud seems a little odd.. my MIL is very into homeopathic stuff and I use to turn my nose up at it.. however, when Sammy had his last cold he couldn't kick the cough and wasn't getting sleep. He would get coughing and throw up from it.. so I though what they hey lets see what she got! The stuff worked great! He slept through the whole night and didn't cough.. it didn't seem to make him tired or anything! So I am totally becoming more of a believer with some of the stuff :-)