Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Scoop

For those of you who are not addicted to Facebook (like me!) here is the update:

We are still in Houston. We met with the surgeon on Friday and it was decided that the surgery would take place on Monday since we were here and wouldn't have to make an extra trip.

Two tumors remain. However, they are very, very small. The one that I could feel is now 1 cm wide and the other tumor is even smaller. The tumor on the right side (the one I could feel) they are for sure removing. The tumor on the left side is another story. It is very small and surrounded by fat so the surgeon was not sure she would be able to find it. I have an appt with ultrasound tomorrow morning and if the tech can find it then they will remove it. If they can't find it then they can't remove it. It's a little nerve racking.

When I had my PET scan there was no sugar uptake to that particular tumor which usually means there is no cancer left, it is just tissue. However, melanoma does not always have sugar uptake. Personally, I want it out. Take it all, fat, cancer, whatever, just get it out. I do not want any signs what so ever of cancer.

Please pray that they will be able to find both the tumors and that they can both be removed. Please pray that everything goes as planned tomorrow. Surgery is planned for 11am. Think of us.

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