Thursday, August 6, 2009

New News

Today we met with the Dr and after seeing how upset I was (I started crying!) about having two extra rounds he decided to change some things up.

I am no longer doing the two extra rounds (Yippee!), instead this week will be my last week of chemo and we will come down to Houston in September to have the residual cancer removed surgically.

I would obviously prefer that this round of chemo take care of what ever is left, but that probably won't happen, so I need to be prepared for surgery. At this point it is much better than two more rounds of chemo-trust me. Chemo sucks!

He also changed up the chemo a bit and instead of being on 4 drugs at once I will only have 3 drugs. He dropped the Interleukin-2, which is the nasty one. This means that we will get to head home on Monday instead of Wednesday. I am very happy about that. I already miss these two munchkins:

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