Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Update

To all of Heather's faithful readers:

Heather had asked me to put a quick post up on her blog. I originally thought about writing about my disgust that Subway still utilizes the term "Sandwich Artist" when they really are just counter workers and don't give a "flip" about how your sandwich really looks or if they get everything on the sandwich. I then thought about descrbing how Heather and I were going to move to Australia after chemo. Don't worry, this idea came out of a sleep deprived state following watching the movie "Australia". However I nearly had Heather convinced to go!! The third thought I was going to write about was how I am trying to convience Heather to let me build a boat, but I know that would just get me in trouble. So I have decided to give just a quick update on how Heather is doing this round of chemo.

Compared to other rounds Heather has done very well. she has fought very little nauseua until yesterday afternoon, and hardly any vomitting until yesterday afternoon. Now she can't seem to keep any food down. The other thing that she has really been battling this time is a severe headache. They give her medicine for the headache, and it works, but it is only a short term "cure".

The major difference (even though it is really a minor difference) in this round of chemo compared to the last rounds is the amount of sleep she has had. Friday she was awake for maybe two hours over that 24 hour time period. Saturday she was awake more, but she basically slept much of the day. Friday she has completely lost, and she is having difficulties figuring out the day of the week. She is falling asleep at weird times too, the other day we were having a video conference with the kids and she fell asleep in mid-sentence.

Mentally and emotionally, this has been a difficult round and weeks leading into the round. This round was supposed to be round 5 of 6, meaning the end was in sight and we could for lack of a better term move on from the cancer period of our lives. With the news of this weeks where we will probably have two more rounds added, it has been a bit of a blow. She is taking it in stride though, and will find a way to get through.

I do have to thank and commend every one of her readers for the support you have given her and us. My pledge son from the fraternity I belonged to in college, wrote me the other day and was in amazement from the comments and displays of encouragement that was have coming our direction. Thank you for the amazing words of encouragment it definitely has gone a long ways in getting us through. This journey has made us realize who our real family and friends are. Thank you all of you wonderful people.

Kind Regards,


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