Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Our Way

Today we get to head home! Yippee! I am ready to be home. I am ready to see my kids. I am ready to feel sane again! This has been a rough trip. Rough doesn't really explain it. It's just been a different kind of trip. They experimented with different types of meds for my headaches, and let's just say that some of them made me a little fruity!

I had my very, very favorite Dr on rounds this time so that was nice. He is simply wonderful. He knows me very well, and by Sunday he knew I was not myself and ordered for the chemo to be turned off. Which was probably a good idea. I couldn't function. What a weird feeling.

I realize in this post I may have sounded like a bit of a downer. I apologize. I realize that two extra rounds is actually a good thing because it means that the chemo is working and is getting rid of the cancer. I understand that. But, when you get your heart set on only having one more round and you have a vacation with the kids all planned out, it's hard to hear that those things won't be happening. We are still going to try to go in Oct or Nov, hopefully it won't be to chilly. I do believe we will be skipping the outdoor swimming activities:)

Please don't think that I am being negative. Not that I am an overly positive person, because I'm not, I am simply a realistic person. I know that shit happens, I know that shit usually happens to me, but I also know that not ALL the shit happens to me. I have two beautiful children and a wonderful husband to prove that:) See, I'm being realistic:)

Please keep praying that the biochemotherapy hell that I am going through continues to work on this stubborn cancer and that my body continues to handle it so well. Your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes help more than you know.

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