Monday, July 27, 2009


After reading my hubands last post I think I have realized just how bored he must be! I'm not sure what else I can get him to do while we are here. He reads, he works, he watches movies, I bought him a DS, he doesn't really care for puzzles and such. Any ideas?

As for me. I am doing ok. I have thrown up a few times, have contracted a bladder infection (can you saw AWFUL-as if I don't have enough going on!) and slept a lot. I haven't really swelled that much this time and my skin didn't peel off like it usually does so those are some positives! Usually my skin just peels off like I have a really, really, really bad sunburn. It's quite gross. But, the Dr lowered the Interluekin 2 because my counts weren't coming up like he wanted them to so hopefully this will make a difference with that, but not with the whole kicking cancer's ass thing!

My mom emailed me some pics of the kids tonight and even though it brought tears to my eyes because I miss them more than anything in the world, it was great to see their cheesy little faces! Thanks Mom. I can't wait to see my gorgeous little munchkins tomorrow night.

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