Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wrapped Up In My Babies

Before we left Grandma and Grandpa Snyder came over to pick up the kiddos. They are keeping them the first part of the week and my folks will take over towards the end of the week.

Grandma walked in carrying a big bag. I didn't think to much of it. Then she told me to look in it. There were a few little things and then I pulled out the quilt. Grandma worked her butt off to make me a quilt with the kids pictures on it for me to take with me when I go to cancer treatments. I was so overwhelmed and happy I cried.

I absolutely love the quilt. It has been on my lap the whole time I have been here and I am constantly looking at the pictures. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I cry. Either way it is so nice to have the kids with me while I am here. They are my strength. Thank you so, so, so much Grandma Snyder. I adore the quilt.

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