Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Report

Yesterday was a VERY long day. A long day of waiting, waiting, and more waiting. However, the scans were done (the MRI against my will, I might add!) And we were anxious to hear the results.

We met with the Dr today and I "think" it was good news. The Dr was very odd today and he was very difficult to read. Usually they will compare the before chemo PET scan to the after chemo PET scan. Since we had the previous PET scan done in KS it is very hard to compare them. I started with 4 masses in my body. One of the masses has completely disappeared, the other 3 are still there. I know that the one I can feel is getting smaller, but it was very hard to compare the two scans. So at this point we continue what we are doing and will repeat the PET scan after two more rounds.

Personally, I felt this was good news. One mass is completely gone. That tells me this is working. Right? However, the Dr wasn't very positive today and that was very frustrating to me. Right now I need positive. Not overly and unrealistically positive mind you, but positive none the less.

Tonight I am going to have Cody feel the mass before I start chemo and then feel it once the chemo is complete. This way someone else will know if it is shrinking or not. He is thoroughly excited about this. No, really, he is. Because of where the tumors are, he is really excited! Apparently, Melanoma is attracted to fat. I don't have much any more. I am pretty skinny. Since I don't have much fat, you can only imagine what fat the melanoma has found. God has a very funny since of humor I have decided. Ha, ha, ha God. Joke is over. Fix this please!

On the homefront, the kids are doing well. I'm pretty sure Ella is to young to really notice how long we are gone. Kyler, on the other hand, knows and it is really hard on him. In order to ease my guilt I buy them LOTS of presents while we are gone. It makes me feel better and it makes them happier. The only one not thrilled is Cody. However, at this point I am pretty sure he will do what ever he has to do to keep me happy. That's the way it should be right?

Thank you all for your prayers and comments (on here and on Facebook). I am trying really hard to remain positive. I can do this. I can beat this.

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