Monday, April 6, 2009

MD Anderson Visit

We just returned from our visit with the Dr at MD Anderson. I feel the visit went very well and the Dr was quite positive that the treatment plan we have worked up will work.

I am going to be on quite a combination of drugs and will probably feel like shit for quite awhile. However, this is the best treatment plan that is available at this time (and it only works 13% of the time!)

The plan is to get some tests done (hopefully Tues or Wed), then head home. We will have to return on Sunday and on Monday I will have labs, they will put in a Central Venous Catheter, I will revisit the Dr and we will begin treatment that evening.

I will remain in the hospital at MD Anderson for one week. I will then return home for two weeks and then head back down for another week. This will continue for 6 week long treatments. I should be done with treatment in August sometime.

I am not very excited about this. I will have to be away from my babies for those weeks that I am hospitalized. They are not even allowed to visit. That will be killer. I am already dreading that. But, what is the alternative? I have no choice and I realize that. It still sucks though. This whole situation sucks.

Thank you to all of you for your prayers, thoughts, well wishes, and comments. I love reading your comments. You guys put a smile on my face with your encouraging words. Please, keep them coming:)

PS The results from the CT scan and PET are in. My organs and brain are cancer free. They did find a couple more masses of Melanoma. At this time they are not going to be biopsed because the treatment plan they are putting me on will get rid of the masses. Someday I will tell you guys a very humorous story about where the masses are and the poor Dr. But, not yet. That is a whole other post:)

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