Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aches and Pains

Lately I have been really sore. My muscles just hurt, my whole body just hurts. Apparently, this is a side effect of the Interferon. I have also been increasingly tired. As in, I wake up around 8AM with the kids and I am ready to go back to bed at 10AM. This week has been better since Cody has been home (last week he was gone and 2 kids, while on chemo is rough, really rough), but I'm still tired.

I have been trying to get out with the kids and do things, but it's hard when you are utterly exhausted and your body aches so bad you can barely carry your one year old. Try explaining that to a little one. Sorry honey, mommy can't hold you because her whole body aches! Carrying my children around is quite honestly, one of my favorite things to do. It means I get to be close to them and it's like getting free hugs. However, my body has been hurting so bad that holding either of them is difficult. That sucks.

So, I do have a prayer request. Please pray that the aches and pains go away and that the fatigue gets better. My kiddos deserve to have a mommy that can play with them and carry them everywhere they want to go:)

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