Friday, September 5, 2008

Today is it.

My last day of IV Interferon!

Do you even know how excitied I am? Extremely!

No more sitting at the Cancer Center with an IV in my arm for several hours.

No more IV in my arm at night.

No more trying to take a shower with an IV in my arm.

No more DAILY trips to the Cancer Center.

No more extreme nausea! (I hope)

No more extreme fatigue! (I hope)

Yay! If I could drink a glass (bottle) of wine, believe me I would! Feel free to help me out in that area:)

Yesterday Aunt A joined me for my treatment. She drove all the way from Kansas City to join me (for those of you that don't know-KC is about 3 hours away!) Thank you so much Aunt A for joining me. I know yesterday was not a fun day-I had blood work, Drs appt and treatment-so having you join me meant a lot.

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