Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Love Me?

Would you guys think less of me if I was considering hiring a cleaning lady? I would say it's all hypothetical, but, well, it's not. I really am thinking about it.

I looked around my house this week and realized how gross it really is. It's picked up, but when you really start looking around you start to notice how dusty and grimy it actually is. My husband does a super job with the kids, but a housekeeper he is not.

Today I had a lady come over to give me an estimate to clean and I was EMBARRASSED by how dusty it is!

I'm a pretty clean person. I just don't have the energy to clean the house. When I do have energy I want to spend it playing with my kids, not cleanig the house!

I've only had two estimates so far but they seemed reasonable. (Those of you around here, do you have any names and numbers you could give me?)

The bad part is that we know we will have medical bills coming in, so is it something that we can really justify? Ok, so is it something that Cody can really justify? I already have! I am willing to do without things just so I can have a cleaning lady.

Food? Totally overrated.

Milk? Not that important.

Toilet Paper? Really? Do we need it?

See, totally justified:)

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