Monday, September 1, 2008

A Good One

This weekend was a good weekend. I had to take nausea medicine all weekend, but apparently I am either used to being exhausted or it just doesn't make me as tired as I thought it did.

I was able to hang with my kids, attend church, make a quick trip to Kohl's, and nap. Good times, good times!

My treatment was moved to the morning today because of Labor Day. So while Cody and I sit here for treatment, Grandma Penny has taken the babies to the zoo.

In all of Kyler's excitement to head to the zoo, he decided that he needed to pick out his outfit to wear. Imagine if you will, shorts and a t-shirt, stocking cap, belt, tennis shoes, and a pink baseball cap on top of the stocking cap. Yep, he looked adorable. I swear he does not get his fashion sense from me. It's all from his father.

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