Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They Called

They finally called with the results today.

Not good. Not good at all.

I have stage 4 Melanoma Cancer. I was prepared for this. Or at least I thought I was. However, when the Dr says it out loud that is a totally different thing.

I lost it.

I bawled.

I was not at home.

I was at Ella's 6 month appt.

I am pretty sure the pedetrician thought I was going insane.

Then I told him the news.

Usually my mom or my husband would be the first person I talk to about something like that. Nope, today it was Ella's pedetrician. Well, at least I love him!

I have a long road ahead. I meet with a surgeon tomorrow to discuss the treatment options. I have an appt with an oncologist next week. This sucks. Totally blows.

I thought I would be able to handle this. I am tough, I am strong-well at least emotionally-physically, not so much. But I thought I would be able to handle the news. I am not doing so well. I am losing my patience with Kyler. I can't stop cuddling with Ella. And I am crying. A lot.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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