Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's More..

....Good news that is!!

We met with the oncologist today to review the PET scan and CT scan. Guess what folks...


Yes, I am currently doing back flips and dancing a bit of a jig (and drinking another bottle of wine!!)

I will still be going through treatment with Interferon. The first month is going to suck big time.

I will have an IV placed every day (Monday through Friday) for a month. The IV treatment will take around 2 hours. I am going to start this on August 11th. (I am pretty sure they have internet access, I will definitely be blog hopping that month!)

After the first month (20 days) I will have shots 3 days a week for 11 months.

The IV treatment is going to be the worse. It has quite a few side effects.

So don't be surprised, those of you that are close, when you get a phone call from me asking for help. I will probably need it.

It doesn't sound like the shots will be all that bad. I will head to the oncologists office and will probably be bringing the kids with me. But, you know what, I'm cancer free so I don't really care! Maybe it will even get me in quicker!

After the Interferon the chance of recurrence is around 30%. So not cool.

After all this it really should be less, right? But, this is currently the best treatment for Melanoma.

Kyler and Ella are both VERY happy to hear that their mommy is going to be around for many, many years.

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