Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It Could Be Worse

On Thursday I had to bring the kids with me to get my shot. They were awesome! Behavior wise anyway.

The Cancer Center has a little resource center. In the resource center they have a play area for the kids.

The nurses at the Cancer Center are fabulous and told me that as long as their are 3 nurses in the back that one of them would come into the resource center and give me my shot! Fabulous! I don't have to drag the kids from room to room.

While we were waiting for the nurse to give me my shot, Ella decided that this would be a perfect time to poop! In her cloth diaper of course!

If you know Ella, you know that pooping is on her favorite things to do. Kyler still has issues to consitpation, Ella has no issues with that. At all!

Since we were making a quick trip I only brought one diaper for each kid and a few wipes. I was hoping that Ella would fall asleep on the way home so I thought I should change her diaper before we left.

Changing Ella's diaper is not an easy task.

She loves to crawl away from you when you are changing it. It's great.

I laid her down.

Took her pants off.

Took her poopy diaper off.

She crawled away.

I brought her back.

Wiped her butt.

She crawled away.

I brought her back.

Wiped her butt again.

Looked at her face.

What's that on her face?

Oh, sh*t, that's sh*t.

On her face!

And her arm.

And her shirt.

Oh, sh*t!

I'm going straight to mommy hell!

And I'm out of wipes!

Ok, get her diaper on and get out to the car.

There are more wipes there.

I went to fasten her diaper and it freakin' ripped!!

Luckily, I had a Kyler diaper.

I got that on her. Got out to the car. Wiped her face off. Drove home and gave her a bath.


I guess it could have been worse.

She could have eaten dog poop! (Right Chelle!!)

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